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XSetWMClientMachine, XGetWMClientMachine - set or read a window's WM_CLIENT_MACHINE property


void XSetWMClientMachine(Display *display, Window w,
XTextProperty *text_prop);
Status XGetWMClientMachine(Display *display, Window w,
XTextProperty *text_prop_return);


Specifies the connection to the X server.

Specifies the XTextProperty structure to be used.

Returns the XTextProperty structure.

Specifies the window.


The XSetWMClientMachine convenience function calls XSetTextProperty to set the WM_CLIENT_MACHINE property.

The XGetWMClientMachine convenience function performs an XGetTextProperty on the WM_CLIENT_MACHINE property. It returns a nonzero status on success; otherwise, it returns a zero status.


The string name of the machine on which the client application is running.

See Also

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