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XdbeGetBackBufferAttributes - returns attributes of a DBE buffer.


#include <X11/extensions/Xdbe.h>

XdbeBackBufferAttributes *XdbeGetBackBufferAttributes( Display *dpy,
XdbeBackBuffer buffer)


This function returns the attributes associated with the specified buffer.

The XdbeBackBufferAttributes structure has the following fields:

Window window window that buffer belongs to

If buffer is not a valid XdbeBackBuffer, window returns None.

The returned XdbeBackBufferAttributes structure can be freed with the Xlib function Xfree().

See Also

DBE, XdbeAllocateBackBufferName(), XdbeBeginIdiom(), XdbeDeallocateBackBufferName(), XdbeEndIdiom(), XdbeFreeVisualInfo(), XdbeGetVisualInfo(), XdbeQueryExtension(), XdbeSwapBuffers().

Table of Contents