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XtGetSelectionRequest - retrieve the event that triggered the XtConvertSelectionProc


XSelectionRequestEvent* XtGetSelectionRequest(Widget w, Atom
selection, XtRequestId request_id);


Specifies the widget.

Specifies the selection being processed.

Specifies the requestor id in the case of incremental selections, or NULL in the case of atomic transfers.


XtGetSelectionRequest may only be called from within an XtConvertSelectionProc procedure and returns a pointer to the SelectionRequest event that caused the conversion procedure to be invoked. Request_id specifies a unique id for the individual request in the case that multiple incremental transfers are outstanding. For atomic transfers, request_id must be specified as NULL. If no SelectionRequest event is being processed for the specified widget, selection, and request_id, XtGetSelectionRequest returns NULL.

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Table of Contents