Fonts in XFree86

1. Introduction
1.1. Two font systems
2. Installing fonts
2.1. Configuring Xft
2.1.1. Installing fonts in Xft
2.1.2. Fine-tuning Xft
2.1.3. Configuring applications
2.1.4. Troubleshooting
2.2. Configuring the core X11 fonts system
2.2.1. Installing bitmap fonts
2.2.2. Installing scalable fonts
2.2.3. Installing CID-keyed fonts
2.2.4. Setting the server's font path Temporary modification of the font path Permanent modification of the font path
2.2.5. Troubleshooting
3. Fonts included with XFree86
3.1. Standard bitmap fonts
3.2. The ClearlyU Unicode font family
3.3. Standard scalable fonts
3.3.1. Standard Type 1 fonts
3.3.2. Standard Speedo fonts
3.4. The Bigelow & Holmes Luxi family
4. More about core fonts
4.1. Core fonts and internationalisation
4.1.1. The fontenc layer
4.1.2. Backend-specific notes about fontenc The FreeType backend Type 1 Speedo
4.1.3. Format of encoding directory files
4.1.4. Format of encoding files
4.1.5. Using symbol fonts
4.1.6. Hints about using badly encoded fonts Using fonts with the designer's encoding Specifying an ad hoc encoding file Specifying font aliases
4.2. Additional notes about scalable core fonts
4.2.1. About the FreeType backend
4.2.2. About the X-TrueType TrueType backend
4.2.3. Delayed glyph rasterisation
5. Appendix: background and terminology
5.1. Characters and glyphs
5.2. Font files, fonts, and XLFD
5.3. Unicode
6. References