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glXFreeContextEXT - free client-side memory for imported context

C Specification

void glXFreeContextEXT( Display *dpy,
    GLXContext ctx )

eqn not supported


Specifies the connection to the X server.

Specifies a GLX rendering context.


glXFreeContextEXT frees the client-side part of a GLXContext that was created with glXImportContext. glXFreeContextEXT does not free the server-side context information or the XID associated with the server-side context.

glXFreeContextEXT is part of the EXT_import_context extension, not part of the core GLX command set. If GLX_EXT_import_context is included in the string returned by glXQueryExtensionsString, when called with argument GLX_EXTENSIONS, extension EXT_vertex_array is supported.


GLXBadContext is generated if ctx does not refer to a valid context.

See Also

glXCreateContext, glXQueryVersion, glXQueryExtensionsString, glXImportContextEXT

Table of Contents