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gluErrorString - produce an error string from a GL or GLU error code

C Specification

const GLubyte * gluErrorString( GLenum error )

eqn not supported


Specifies a GL or GLU error code.


gluErrorString produces an error string from a GL or GLU error code. The string is in ISO Latin 1 . For example, gluErrorString(GL_OUT_OF_MEMORY) returns the string out of memory.

The standard GLU error codes are GLU_INVALID_ENUM, GLU_INVALID_VALUE, and GLU_OUT_OF_MEMORY. Certain other GLU functions can return specialized error codes through callbacks. See the glGetError reference page for the list of GL error codes.


NULL is returned if error is not a valid GL or GLU error code.

See Also

glGetError(3G) , gluNurbsCallback(3G) , gluQuadricCallback(3G) , gluTessCallback(3G)

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