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gluGetString - return a string describing the GLU version or GLU extensions

C Specification

const GLubyte * gluGetString( GLenum name )


Specifies a symbolic constant, one of GLU_VERSION, or GLU_EXTENSIONS.


gluGetString returns a pointer to a static string describing the GLU version or the GLU extensions that are supported.

The version number is one of the following forms:


The version string is of the following form:

version number<space>vendor-specific information

Vendor-specific information is optional. Its and contents depend on the implementation.

The standard GLU contains a basic set of features and capabilities. If a company or group of companies wish to support other features, these may be included as extensions to the GLU. If name is GLU_EXTENSIONS, then gluGetString returns a space-separated list of names of supported GLU extensions. (Extension names never contain spaces.)

All strings are null-terminated.


gluGetString only returns information about GLU extensions. Call glGetString to get a list of GL extensions.

gluGetString is an initialization routine. Calling it after a glNewList results in undefined behavior.


NULL is returned if name is not GLU_VERSION or GLU_EXTENSIONS.

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