Scaled Window Support in DMX

Rickard E. Faith and Kevin E. Martin

15 October 2003 (created 19 September 2003)

This document investigates the possibility of adding scaled window support to the DMX X server, thereby allowing a window or some selected part of the logical DMX area to be displayed using a scaling factor. For example, this might allow the contents of a window to be magnified for easier viewing. In particular, scaling for the VNC client is explored. Copyright 2003 by Red Hat, Inc., Raleigh, North Carolina

1. Introduction

1.1. DMX
1.2. Problem Statement
1.3. Task

2. Previous Work

2.1. VNC
2.2. The X Video Extension

3. Possible Solutions

3.1. VNC-like Scaling
3.2. Application-transparent Scaling for DMX
3.3. XCreateScaledWindow API

4. Conclusion and Recommendations

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