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xedit - simple text editor for X


xedit [ -toolkitoption ... ] [ filename ... ]


Xedit provides a window consisting of the following four areas:

A set of commands that allow you to exit xedit, save the file, or load a new file into the edit window.

Displays xedit messages. In addition, this window can be also used as a scratch pad.

Displays the name of the file currently being edited, and whether this file is Read-Write or Read Only.

Displays the text of the file that you are editing or creating.


Xedit accepts all of the standard X Toolkit command line options (see X(7) ). The order of the command line options is not important.
Specifies the file(s) that are to be loaded during start-up. This is the file which will be edited. If a file is not specified, xedit lets you load files or create new files after it has started up.


The Athena Text widget is used for the three sections of this application that allow text input. The characters typed will go to the Text widget that has the input focus, or the Text widget that the pointer cursor is currently over.

The following keystroke combinations are defined:

Ctrl-a    Beginning Of Line    Meta-b    Backward Word
Ctrl-b    Backward Character    Meta-f    Forward Word
Ctrl-d    Delete Next Character    Meta-i    Insert File
Ctrl-e    End Of Line    Meta-k    Kill To End Of Paragraph
Ctrl-f    Forward Character    Meta-q    Form Paragraph
Ctrl-g    Keyboard Reset    Meta-v    Previous Page
Ctrl-h    Delete Previous Character    Meta-y    Insert Current Selection
Ctrl-j    Newline And Indent    Meta-z    Scroll One Line Down
Ctrl-k    Kill To End Of Line    Meta-d    Delete Next Word
Ctrl-l    Redraw Display    Meta-D    Kill Word
Ctrl-m    Newline    Meta-h    Delete Previous Word
Ctrl-n    Next Line    Meta-H    Backward Kill Word
Ctrl-o    Newline And Backup    Meta-<    Beginning Of File
Ctrl-p    Previous Line    Meta->    End Of File
Ctrl-r    Search/Replace Backward    Meta-]    Forward Paragraph
Ctrl-s    Search/Replace Forward    Meta-[    Backward Paragraph
Ctrl-t    Transpose Characters
Ctrl-u [number]    Multiply by 4 or number    Meta-Delete    Delete Previous Word
Ctrl-v    Next Page    Meta-Shift Delete    Kill Previous Word
Ctrl-w    Kill Selection    Meta-Backspace    Delete Previous Word
Ctrl-y    Unkill    Meta-Shift Backspace    Kill Previous Word
Ctrl-z    Scroll One Line Up    Meta-z    Scroll One Line Down
Ctrl-_    Undo
Escape    Line Edit Mode

In addition, the pointer may be used to cut and paste text:
    Button 1 Down    Start Selection
    Button 1 Motion    Adjust Selection
    Button 1 Up    End Selection (cut)
    Button 2 Down    Insert Current Selection (paste)
    Button 3 Down    Extend Current Selection
    Button 3 Motion    Adjust Selection
    Button 3 Up    End Selection (cut)

Line Edit Mode

Line edit mode enables several shortcut commands for searching and replacing text in a xedit buffer. Line edit mode commands have the format:

Line number may be specified as: