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gluNewQuadric - create a quadrics object

C Specification

GLUquadric* gluNewQuadric( void )

eqn not supported


gluNewQuadric creates and returns a pointer to a new quadrics object. This object must be referred to when calling quadrics rendering and control functions. A return value of 0 means that there is not enough memory to allocate the object.

See Also

gluCylinder(3G) , gluDeleteQuadric(3G) , gluDisk(3G) , gluPartialDisk(3G) , gluQuadricCallback(3G) , gluQuadricDrawStyle(3G) , gluQuadricNormals(3G) , gluQuadricOrientation(3G) , gluQuadricTexture(3G) , gluSphere(3G)

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