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gluQuadricTexture - specify if texturing is desired for quadrics

C Specification

void gluQuadricTexture( GLUquadric* quad,
    GLboolean texture )

eqn not supported


Specifies the quadrics object (created with gluNewQuadric).
Specifies a flag indicating if texture coordinates should be generated.


gluQuadricTexture specifies if texture coordinates should be generated for quadrics rendered with quad. If the value of texture is GL_TRUE, then texture coordinates are generated, and if texture is GL_FALSE, they are not. The initial value is GL_FALSE.

The manner in which texture coordinates are generated depends upon the specific quadric rendered.

See Also

gluNewQuadric(3G) , gluQuadricDrawStyle(3G) , gluQuadricNormals(3G) , gluQuadricOrientation(3G)

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